Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic

2915 NW 122nd St.
OKC, OK 73120



Boarding - Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic - OKC, OK

Special pick-up is available on Sundays from 4-4:30 ONLY if pre-arranged and services were pre-paid.  For the safety of our staff as well as your pets, we will not release your pet unless prior arrangements were made.


Our Extra-Large SuiteDOGS

Our canine guests are housed in either elevated runs, cages, and a custom suite available for boarding dogs.  All dogs are exercised at least twice daily.  We feed Purina Veterinary Diet EN, to reduce the risk of stress-related GI upset The Spacious Runstwice daily, although you are welcome to bring your pet's regular diet with feeding instructions.


Our former clinic cat, Peanut ButterCATS


Kitty CondosOur feline guests stay in a cats-only room outfitted with kitty condos.  These can be opened to as many as 4 separate spaces.  We allow all our cat guests individual time to play outside their cage in the feline-friendly appointed room for a few hours each day.  This playtime can be tailored to your cat's wants, as many cats enjoy some extra petting, while others like to play with our laser pen!  We use Feliway in our room to reduce your cat's stress while boarding.