Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic

2915 NW 122nd St.
OKC, OK 73120



Medical Services - Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic - OKC, OK

We offer intensive care hospitalization for sick pets. Lab

 We have a full in-house lab for emergency, monitoring specific levels, pre-surgical, and routine needs:

- Complete Blood Count

- Chemistry Panels

- Electrolytes, Acid-Base, etc.

- Urinalysis

- Cytology

- Intestinal Parasite Screens

 We often send labwork to outside laboratories when testing for specific conditions or for monitoring therapeutic drug levels.


 We work closely with a local Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist who can provide ultrasounds, echocardiograms, chemotherapy, endoscopy and biopsy, as well as other consultations as needed. 

 We consult and refer to a Veterinary Dermatologist and are knowledgeable on allergic skin (including the ear) diseases and their care and maintenance. 

 Aspirate or biopsy of masses.

 We can place a HomeAgain microchip at any time and register your pet for you.