Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic

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Dental: multi-step process similar to a trip to your dentist... see our Periodontal Disease FAQs page for more information!


Complete oral exam under anesthesia, involves scaling and polishing of the teeth, and charting of the teeth to note any abnormalities such as gingivitis, periodontal pocket formation, fractures, or mobile teeth. 


We also recommend dental radiographs for any problem teeth or full-mouth radiographs on patients that have a disease of the oral cavity such as stomatitis or Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions.  Radiographs allow us to check for abnormalities below the gum line, where 50% of the tooth is invisible to us otherwise. 


We attend Continuing Education seminars and classes to ensure that our oral surgery practices are cutting edge. 


Referral to a veterinary dental specialist can be made for advanced dental procedures.